For piano lessons in the fall of 2021, will lessons be exclusively in-person?

All lessons before 6 pm will be held in-person. For these lessons, online instruction will be available as a backup in case of sickness or bad weather.

What if the weather is bad and we can’t make it? Can the lesson be held online?

Yes. In-person lessons may be held online during the student’s regular lesson time, as needed. We would appreciate some notice in advance for setup purposes.

Are masks required?

Yes. Until further notice, instructors and students are required to wear masks during lessons regardless of vaccination status.

Will you be offering theory classes this year?

For 2021/22, all theory instruction will be one-on-one. Students may choose to sign-up for in-person or online lessons.

Do you teach piano online?

Online piano instruction will be offered between 7-8 pm , Wednesdays-Fridays, starting in September.

My child is interested in taking lessons. How do we register?

Use the contact form on the website to send us an email. We’ll respond promptly to let you know if space is available. If so, we will then arrange to meet online or in-person to see if the program is a good fit for your child.

Do you teach adults?

Theory lessons are available for adults. Currently, piano lessons are available for students aged 10-18 only.

Are your instructors vaccinated?

Yes, we both are fully vaccinated.