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Piano · Lisa Raposa Millar, DMA

My hope for every child, teenager, or adult is that they will experience that spark of joy when they master a difficult passage or create a sound they find especially beautiful. Irrespective of one’s goals, the process of discovering musical patterns and their nuances can provide lifelong fulfillment. It’s why I’ve been helping people learn to improve their piano playing through better listening for over two decades.

  • Doctorate, Eastman School of Music
  • Teaching 20+ Years
  • Expert in Collaborative Piano

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Theory · Gregory Millar, DMA

Music Theory is often thought of as dry, “brainy”, or a subject that one either “gets” or does not. In my teaching I aim to break down these misconceptions. Music theory is music literacy. Any student is capable of acquiring pitch and rhythmic understanding, along with written and analytical skills, that will open them up to engage with music on a deeper level.

  • Doctorate, Eastman School of Music
  • College of Examiners, Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Chamber Musician, Soloist, and Arranger

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