Student Feature

Thank you to Andrew Ganea for sharing this wonderful video of his latest project! This past fall, as part of his high school physics course, Andy built a copper pipe glockenspiel. In order for the instrument to sound properly, he had to cut the pipes very precisely and test several types of mallets. Listen to the beautiful tones created as he plays, “Joy to the World.”

Andrew is in grade 11 at The Woodlands Secondary School. He studies piano and history at the Royal Conservatory of Music Associate Diploma (ARCT) level, having recently completed requirements in theory.

One Response

  1. Bravo, bravissimo to Andrew for having constructed a professional grade glockenspiel out of copper and then played the instrument with the utmost precision. I tried to do something similar once, but it did not turn out nearly as well as yours did!!! I love it. Now you should practice some Harry Potter tunes–as they occur on the celeste I think in the movies.